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Wrapping up a great year

It's December, and most of us are just riding the whirlwind into the end of the calendar year. But what if you could use that whirlwind to propel your student into greater success in the second semester of the school year? I have just the thing!

Maker Minutes! Yes, we posted about them earlier this year, but getting things scheduled in a way that works for students and parents has kept us from launching them until now! Beginning in mid-January, students can be a part of SISA's STEAM Squad as either a member of a grade level club OR through monthly Maker Minutes.

How? Just go to the store on the website and purchase either the club that is appropriate for your student (either grades K-1, 2-3 or 4-5) OR choose your subscription level of Maker Minutes. The one-time use must be used in the month it is purchased; the other options allow you flexibility to use the minutes throughout the months for seven months (so from February through August, for example).

Any Maker Minutes purchased will be valid for use beginning January 15 during posted open hours at SISA's office in the Vredenburg Center, Suite 109. If your student already attends HOPE Learning Center, you will be able to coordinate with HOPE to allow your student to attend either clubs or Maker Minutes!

Also-- remember that SISA is a registered non-profit and would always apreciate any end-of-year giving to support the ongoing projects and programs that benefit the youth in Chariton and Lucas County!

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