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What time is it? SUMMER TIME at SISA!!

I could write pages and pages about all the benefits of camps and programs like the ones we provide at SISA-- really it all boils down to this:

Students thrive when they can direct the learning

and change the outcome!

What do I mean? At SISA's programs, whether lessons, camps or Maker Minutes, students are presented with a problem to solve and all the tools with which to solve it. Then they work, sometimes individually and sometimes collaboratively, to solve the problem. Does the first solution always work? Nope! But herein lies the magic-- just like real life, problems have more than one solution and we get to learn from our mistakes and tries to find the best possible solution at the time.

Why should your student join SISA this summer? Easy-- to practice growth mindset thinking, keep learning all summer, build curiousity and creativity, and to begin to grow into that adult who can be a successful employee, leader, parent, teacher and citizen. We are growing successful adults here at SISA as we actively participate in productive failure and resilient success!

Use code SUMMER24 and join us for any and all camps and programs from now until mid-August. There's something for everyone!

See you soon~

Mrs. Morgan

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