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Make Summer STEAM-y with SISA Camps and Programs!

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Depending on your age and occupation, the words "June, July and August" have many different meanings and emotional responses. At Southern Iowa STEAM Academy, we're EXCITED and ready to bring some STEAM to your summer!

Here is a quick overview of what SISA is offering this summer. More posts and information will be added, but here's the bird's eye view:

  • Summer Camps

    • These camps are all 2.5 hours long and for either K-2nd Grade or 3rd-5th Grade

    • Generally speaking, sign your student up for camps for their grade just COMPLETED.

    • Camp cost includes all supplies, several different varieties of take-home materials (sometimes it's a program that can be accessed on a home computer or tablet)

  • A+ STEM Classes

    • One-on-one combined music and science lessons

    • Incorporates traditional piano/vocal lessons with the science of sound and more

    • The perfect way to help improve reading, math and writing and typing skills!

    • Summer lessons will be 30 minutes long and there will be a total of 8 lessons scheduled per student over the June-August season.

    • School year lessons will also be available!

    • Lessons are available for students in grades 2-12

  • Maker Minutes

    • The ultimate free time!

    • There is no "I'm bored" here because there are too many options to work with!

    • Students can spend their minutes in several ways:

      • Computer lab time for 3-D printing, coding, Micro:bits and more

      • Robotics Building

      • LEGOs

      • General Creativity with myriad supplies

      • Bring crafty creations to life with Micro:bit or Arduino

      • STEAM Maker Cart creations (like Wiggle Bot and Rubber Band Racer!)

      • Maker Minutes are perfect for all students grades K-12!

Pop over here to shop for your SISA Summer Fun!

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