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Providing all the tools and time teachers need


Science Surprises

Designed for Preschool-2nd Grade, this program brings a high-impace, hands-on program to the students once each month.  Based on NGSS and flexible to meet the specific standards being taught at your school each month, Science Surprises provides everything your teachers need to give science the excitement it deserves (but there's never time for)!

For pricing and options, e-mail


Technology Tales

For grades 3-5, SISA offers a wide range of NGSS and CSS opportunities.  Programs can be optimized for your school's needs-- we have participated in Artemis Roads and Plant The Moon; students also explore CSS concepts and skills through coding, building, engineering and student-led projects.  Materials and starting instructions are provided and then students apply the Engineering Design process and go!

For pricing and options, e-mail


Out-of-School Programs

SISA holds 3 hour camps all summer long with themes as varied as electric circuits and Root Beer Float science!  Camps are designed for different age groups and there are dozens of opportunities from June - August.

Other exciting opportunities include Maker Minutes and the A+ Studio!  For more information on these programs, e-mail

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