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Thinking about Christmas in July?

Maybe it's too soon for some, but my kids never stop singing Christmas songs and July may as well be December as far as music is concerned in our house. So in the middle of an epic rendition of Sleigh Ride yesterday, I thought about some suggestions for Christmas for you!

It seems that the world gets awfully busy in December and May and then we spend the next couple months trying to find space to be alone and in the quiet. But what if we focused on creating events and experiences to enjoy together-- things that might start in December but could last until March or even May? What kind of experiences would you want to give your kids?

I have a suggestion for you: SISA's Maker Minutes. Our camps are wonderful and so much fun and each camp has a theme and projects to complete, science experiments and social interactions with peers-- and they're a great gift idea too! But Maker Minutes-- these are opportunities to do something very different. And they can be purchased for use all year long.

What makes Maker Minutes a different kind of experience?

  1. Maker Minutes can be used any time the office is open. There is no set schedule.

  2. Maker Minutes can be shared between students and grown-ups. It's great time to work together (and leave no mess at home!)

  3. Maker Minutes provide the time and space to try new things in an evironment where it is totally ok to fail-- and an environment where trying again is more fun than the first time!

  4. Maker Minutes can be used to explore any of the materials and equipment housed at SISA. Right now we have many choices (and so many more are coming over the course of the next couple months!!) The only thing not open during Maker Minutes is Chemistry.


* Building Blocks of all shapes and sizes

* Gears

* Micro:bit devices and MANY kits and tinkering options to build

* Robots

* Books

* Art and creative supplies

* Electronics exploration

* Coding exploration

So how do you partake in this experience? First, purchase Maker Minutes on the website ( Then I will connect with you to share open hours for you to plan on coming. You may drop your student off for the Maker Minutes or come in and explore alongside your budding scientist. You might be really surprised at the way young scientists think when in this environment-- it's different than school and home!

Happy Independence Day and I look forward to seeing you at Maker Minutes and camps soon!


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