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A+ STEM Lessons

A+ STEM Lessons

SKU: A+Sum2024

Music and creativity is integral to all STEM projects and careers.  Give your scientist a boost with piano education paired with the science of sound!  Each lesson is 30 minutes and includes both tradtional piano instruction with assignments for home practice and sound science activities and experiments.  Your purchase is for a weekly lesson at an assigned time each week.  All lessons will be held at SISA Headquarters, 1711 Osceola Ave Suite 109 in Chariton.

  • Attendance

    Attendance at lessons is integral for growth and learning.  There are not sufficient times to schedule make-up lessons; therefore all students need to attend their scheduled lesson time.  You are purchasing that time slot and payment will be required whether your student attends the lesson or not.

    ALSO-- you are purchasing this time slot for three months (June, July and August).  If there are dates you will be gone, please note that at time of purchase.  We will schedule 8 lessons over the three months during the times available.  (During the school year all lessons will be at the same time on the same day of the week for the whole year; summer is a little more flexible).


  • School Year

    There will be opportunities for students to continue lessons for the school year, beginning in September.  Those students who begin this summer will have first chance at scheduling school-year lessons.  Please keep in mind that all policies in place for summer still apply during the school year.  

    Payment difference for school year lessons:  You will be charged monthly instead of up front.  There will be approximately 30 lessons during from September-May as well as 1-2 performance opportunities. 

    30 lessons * $25 = $750  

    This will be divided into monthly payments of $93.75 on the 1st of each month from September to April.  


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